Celebrating the little moments & big life changes you need documented & Havin’ a good time.



I’m a people person with a camera who loves to third wheel. I focus on capturing raw & real moments of couples and families that love each other so dang much. Come prepared to run around and be goofy wherever it is we are. Theres no need for stress, worries and stage fright. Just be yourselves & I’ll do the rest. I use fun & intimate prompts to elicit natural moments. Our session is a no judgement zone!! (Seriously, I will always make a bigger fool out of myself than I will of you. Promise.)

Rustic Wedding

The best day of your life

I’m here for you every step of the way. You need those beautiful frame-on-the-wall photos and the little in between make you cry happy tears photos too.

Boho Style Wedding

photos that feel like you

You know those pictures you look at time & time again and no matter how many times you’ve seen them, they still makes you smile? Those are the kind of moments I love to capture.


the girl behind the camera

My goal is to create a space to be authentically you. I’m candid, adventurous, & easy-going with a drive to get sh*t done.

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